New benefit for the Registry of Ideal

The Ideal and professionals registered in the Register of Ideal for Tourism will be able to access the 10% discount on rents and reloads of MIOWIFI, from Alto Branding SA.

To access the benefit must register at the following link: and sign the Reseller Agreement with it.

It should be noted that MIOWIFI is a portable WIFI pocket router that offers unlimited Internet access per day, in more than 150 countries, at the same rental price per day. For each MIOWIFI you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

MIOWIFI operates with virtual SIM-Free technology that allows emulating local SIMs instead of using the roaming network, which allows access to high-speed and stable connections as if you had a local SIM from each country.

To learn more about the company:

Affiliate Program Registration:

Benefits for registered

The exercises FAEVyT-for delegation of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation conducts the administration of suitable registry. This is granted by the appropriate rating 18.829 Act provides that any deViajes Agency should have a proper tourism.

The aim, thus, ensure that agencies have with specialized technical personnel of recognized professional qualificationsWith the aim of providing the best running Travel Agencies and protect tourists. In short, it tends thereby self-promoting factors that shape the tourist market.

Training and Professional Update FAEVYT

The formation is promoted with the conviction that it is the right tool that will achieve appropriate quality standardsWithin parameters that capture the environmental sustainability. El Annual Training Plan and Update FAEVYT, and various courses and seminars are held throughout the year, with a contribution of the institution for professional excellence and suitable professionals enrolled in the registry. + Read more ...

Participation in Events

The Annual Congress of Argentina Fedreaci├│n Business Travel and Tourism, Which addresses topics of great interest and relevance to the sector which is an open area of Suitable and tourism professionals can access to preferential tariffs, actively participating with their proposals and suggestions.

On the campus of La Rural in Buenos Aires, year after year makes FIT-International Tourism Fair of Latin America- Sample the most important sector of the Southern Cone. Students enrolled in the registry are pre-accredited being able to access this benefit concurring with Ideal credential in the field of accreditation of La Rural.

Internet presence

Through institutional Registry website, which is designed to facilitate communication and report on the various steps that make operative the right ones and Agencies, you can access the portal FAEVYT To the various regional blogs, and various places of interest and related sector.

Agreement between FAEVyT and OMINT - Health Plans

Under the agreement signed between the FAEVyT and OMINT, these benefits are available:

  • Plans for registered professionals in the Registry Ideally suited in tourism that are current with the payment of the annual fee, with discounts of up to 20%, and by preferential affinity group.
  • Individual attention and personalized business needs analysis.
  • Tools to build their own human resources policy with health plans for their staff, condition billing company and unregulated (for contributions of Social Work).

To receive more information on plans and pricing, you can contact directly with the consultants appointed:

Phone: 156-290-7333.
Paul Femia This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Regional workshops

Regional Institution throughout the whole country develop different types of events through which runs a professional meeting between the various components of the sector ..

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